Margaret Drye

Running for Sullivan District 7: Plainfield, Cornish, Newport, Unity, and Charlestown

"Day and night for over 40 years,
I have been responding as a member of the Rescue Squad 
to help my neighbors in their times of need.
I pledge to bring that same level of commitment, 
responsiveness, and service as a representative as I have as an EMT."

-Margaret Drye



I once read a short essay my mother wrote about her grandmother, who was an immigrant from Ireland. Apparently, my great-grandmother loved baseball and politics - national, state, and local. I never met my great-grandmother, but I definitely inherited her love of both baseball and politics.

So, I guess you could say that politics is in my blood. I have been active in campaigns since I was a teenager, but I have never run myself...until now.

Home-schooling our nine children was my priority for 30 years, but now everyone is over 21! During that time, I was very active in our community (rescue squad, 4-H, multiple town committees) and got to know a lot about our town and the Upper Valley.

I'd like to take that experience and knowledge to Concord. I'm looking for your support in this election for Sullivan County District 7 - Plainfield, Cornish, Newport, Unity, and Charlestown.


Small Businesses
"Our current state budget lowered business taxes and our business revenue increased. I want to keep business taxes low to help the small businesses in our state."

Grow Businesses

We need to make it easier to start and/or grow a business in New Hampshire, including recognizing out-of-state professional licensing.

Workforce Issues

We should focus on more and affordable housing while respecting local control and expand our workforce with an emphasis on technical and career education.

"One size does not necessarily fit all when it comes to education."

Educational Freedom Accounts

Educational Freedom Accounts offer families a way to provide the different focus and environment that some students need to succeed. I support a balanced blend of education options: public, private, charter, & home schools.

Alternative Education

We should encourage hands-on, real-world learning like the Learn Everywhere programs, apprenticeships, and school/business collaborations and internships.

Higher Education

We need to examine and support ways to expand access to higher education. One example is dual enrollment programs for high schoolers working with community colleges.

Community Colleges

Our community colleges are hidden jewels. They teach skills for jobs that communities need and, working with the university system, offer a more affordable way to get college credits. Let's make it easier to transfer credits from community colleges.

Opioid Crisis
"As an EMT, I see the sad reality of substance use first-hand."

Treatment and Recovery

Funding treatment options needs to be a high priority. There are also faith-based organizations and recovery programs that have a lot to offer as treatment options; we need to incorporate them into our regular practices.

Legal Reforms

Some options are to support law enforcement efforts and to increase penalties for drug dealers.

Listen to Margaret on the  Steve Smith Podcast 10/7/2022


Margaret Drye is a 42 year resident of Plainfield, NH. She has dedicated time to volunteering in her community, including:

  • 42 years as a volunteer EMT with the Cornish Rescue Squad
  • Co-founder of New England's first crisis pregnancy center
  • 13 years as a member of the Board of Directors of Hanover Co-op, including 2 years as Chairman
  • Over 25 years as the Sullivan County 4-H club leader
  • Over 45 years as a volunteer American Red Cross/American Heart Association CPR instructor
  • 15 years President of the Meriden Bird Club

Margaret Drye graduated cum laude from Mt. Holyoke College. She is a member of the Leadership New Hampshire graduating class of 1996, as well as a graduate and former board member of the Vesta Roy Excellence in Public Service Series.  She contributes as a field editor for Taste of Home Magazine and as a columnist to the Valley News. She has held elected positions in her community including 15 years as clerk of the Plainfield Village Water District and as a current Plainfield Cemetery Trustee. She is also a former member and chairman of the Plainfield Finance Committee and was co-chair of Plainfield's 250th Anniversary Celebration. She is currently on the Board of Directors of  the Eastern States Exposition (The Big E).

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